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It is truly amazing how God created our complex bodies and how they work reflectively to relieve and help everyday ailments.

Research has confirmed overwhelmingly direct effects on specific conditions including;
Anxiety, Arthritis pain, some symptoms of MS, Emotional and Physical pain caused by Cancer,
Sinus issues, Sciatica and Digestion.

Enjoy a unique atmosphere of personalized attention and care centered around Reflexology either at my studio,
or in the convenience of your own home or office.

I provide a gentle yet powerfully effective pathway through way of Face, Hands and Feet pressure points to relieve pain, ease trauma, dismiss stress and calm anxiety by assisting the body, mind and human spirit.

Removing your shoes and socks is all that is necessary.

Reflexology is a noninvasive, empowering, renewal and recovery technique using specific pressure points along your face, hands and feet.  It links and connects meridian points to their reflective points or organs on the inside of your body that can have great effects on corresponding organs and symptom relief.


Ready to eXperience the difference?

Connect with me for a FREE consultation and implement your Reflexology plan.


Reflexology is not an alternative to medical treatment and Reflexologist do not diagnose or treat illness.  However, like other forms of therapies, Reflexology is  complementary to medical treatments. 

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