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Heartfelt Hand made 8mm crystal bracelets made from quality gemstones from India.  


Choose from the drop down to create a powerful bracelet with personal to you combinations.


Amethyst- calming, spiritual healing, inspiration

African Bloodstone - protection, courage, strength

Aquamarine - happiness, hope

Black Rutile, strength, growth, acceptance, trauma/depression

Citrine - motivation, creativity, positivity, anxiety relief

Conglomerate- balances yin/yang, amger/depression/negativity

Crazy Lace Agate - strength, fortitude. chakra cleansing

Dragon Vein Agate - encouragement, self confidence, courage

Fire Agate = grounding, encouragement, prosperity, spiritual growth

Garnet - love, connection passion, power, prosperity

Moss Agate - tranquility, emotional balance, communication

Multi Mazonite - good luck, good fortune, success

Sodalite - empowerment, creativity, clarity, emotional balance, self acceptance




Crystal Bracelets

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