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London's premiere Bergman
E Method  Face Lift
Facial Cupping

 Our Holistic Facial;
A Natural alternative to Botox!

*reduces/softens fine lines and wrinkles  *increases collagen & elastin
*reduces puffiness. *lifts & sculpts facial features
*decreases dark circles  *relaxes mind & body

F A C I A L   R E F L E X O L O G Y  
focuses on pressure points on the face, 
which help stimulate the body's healing mechanisms...

* improves circulation  *encourages the release of toxins from the whole body
* balances your body. *releases stress  *rejuvinates  *relaxes

Combine our traditional facial reflexology with the
London's renown
Bergman Zone Face Lift techniques and Facial Cupping
to transform your facial treatment with ground breaking
natural aging results.

Relax and enjoy this holistic tranquil therapy while we use an
"unlike any other" unique sequence and flow designed to
*lift and sculpt the facial contours  
*smooth away wrinkles.
*tighten skin
*reduce pigmentation.
*calm and uplift while reducing anxiety and stress

(may help migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, IBS, joint pain & depression)

[hot towels] [organic VG Elated skin care] [rose quartz sculpting]
[gua-sha] [facial steam] [hot stones] [facial cupping]

We proudly use Vitality Ginger Elevated products;
organic hand blended, made with love.
These skin care items can be purchasesd in our
'in house' boutique and online.
(just click the link "shop products")


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