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Brain Fog Relief

Brain Fog… you know the feeling….The right word is on the tip of your tongue. You walked into the room, but can’t remember why you’re there.

While there are many different causes of brain fog — lagging mitochondria, hormone imbalance, stress, inflammation, or fatigue, to name a few, I reach for my favorite Essential Oils to calm my stress, support my body, and help clear away brain fog instantly!

ROSEMARY -This powerful essential oil is able to stimulate your brain to help you feel refreshed and think more clearly. Inhaling this aroma can help you concentrate, boost your memory, and improve your overall brain function.

PEPPERMINT -Brain fog often comes alongside tension or headaches. The aroma of Peppermint is stimulating and refreshing, helping you feel like you are awake and ready to tackle your day with clarity. CLARY SAGE -Stimulating and cooling, Clary Sage essential oil can improve memory and attention. Reach for some Clary Sage when you feel a little foggy. BASIL -Energizing and refreshing, Basil essential oil can really help your concentration! Just inhaling the essential oil; fog literally clears and your mind is refreshed. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Basil essential oil is a great one to have on hand on busy days where the to-do list seems to never end!

CITRUS ESSENTIAL OILS (GRAPEFRUIT, LEMON, WILD ORANGE, BERGAMOT, TANGERINE)These are some of my favorite oils because their scents are so uplifting. If I am feeling stressed, my citrus oils are always on hand to give my mood a boost.

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