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My Background

Hi!  I am Sandy Harrison,

owner of Soothe The Soles

dba Vitality Ginger, Inc.

A National Accredited and NC State Certified Reflexologist specializing in

TCM (Traditonal Chinese Medicine,

Diem Chen Facial Reflexology,

Korean Hand Reflexology,

Chi Medics Energy Balance,

Woman's Health;

Bergman Zone Face Lift,

Facial Cupping,

Menopause Techniques

Aromatherapist Practitioner 

Founder of Vitality Ginger;

Organic Skin Care and Product Line

Member of 

American Reflexology Certification Board,

North Carolina Reflexology Association,

Current Secretary of NCRA,

Reflexology Association of America,

BOD Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce



My Mission

My mission as a

National and NC State accredited Reflexologist is to promote

holistic wellness and enhance

the quality of life for my clients. 

Through my expert knowledge of

reflexology and a deep understanding of the body's interconnectedness,

I strive to provide personalized and effective techniques that support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

I am committed to fostering a nuturing and healing environment, empowering individuals to achieve balance, relaxation and vitality on their journey to optimal health..

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