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eXperience a foot soak...

Our foot soak room is a quiet spa like oasis....  

accomodates for up to two guest at a time to soak.

It is a great little get a way to relax and unplug or 

a relaxing way to connect and catch up with a friend or partner.

our blends...

We offer several soak blends including immunity and detoxing blends.

All of our soaks include a mineral salt blend, organic herbs and botanicals.

These elements add their own benefits to your foot soak but also makes a great photo app!

relax and unwind...

Enjoy the ambiance of the low lit chandelier, spa music and the amazing aromatics while soaking your feet and sipping our complementary
signature Vitality Ginger medicinal teas,
or fresh herbal infused water blends.

Want to take it to the ultimate
Book a mini relaxation Reflexology session for just $40!


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