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Owner, Soothe The Soles 

dba Vitality Ginger

Owner - Soothe The Soles

dba Vitality Ginger, Inc

you deserve it!

Relax & Unwind...


Sandy Harrison. Reflexologist

ARCB National Board Accredited  #BO1930

NC State Certified

TCM Accupressure, LDR (Lymphatic Drainage Reflexology), Quantum Touch Practitioner,

Diem Chen Facial, Korean Hand,

Chi Medics, Advanced Facial Reflexology

Specializing in Woman's Health; Zone Face Lift, Facial Cupping, Menopause Techniques

Aromatherapist Practitioner


A gentle yet powerfully effective touch therapy for renewal and recovery in relief of pain, stress and trauma naturally

I am dedicated to enhancing physical and emotional balance and recovery, promoting relaxation and 

supporting ones journey toward optimal health and vitality

with Reflexology, a relaxing energy therapy.

It is truly amazing how God created our complex bodies and how they work reflectively and interconnected, enabling 

the body to heal innately.

I provide a gentle and powerfully effective path using specific pressure points along your feet, hands, face and ears to relieve pain, ease trauma, dismiss stress and calm anxiety by assisting the

body, mind and human spirit.  


Removing shoes and socks is all that is necessary.   This noninvasive, empowering, relaxing renewal and recovery technique, allows access to the body's mechanisms guiding positive response throughout your entire nervous system prompting balance, relaxation and healing.  

Exit your experience feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!  


a natural alternative to BOTOX

Combining our traditional facial reflexology with the 

London's renown Bergman Zone Face Lift techniques

and Facial Cupping to transform your facial treatment

with ground breaking natural anti aging results!

Relax and enjoy this tranquil therapy.  

Using an 'unlike any other' unique sequence and flow designed to 

*lift and sculpt the facial contours

*smooth away wrinkles

*tighten skin

*reduce pigmentation

*calm and uplift while reducing anxiety and stress

(may help migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, IBS,

joint pain and depression)

[hot towels] [facial steam]

[organic VG skincare products] [rose quartz sculpting]

[gua-sha] [facial cupping]


Heal the body, calm the mind
nourish the soul...

An amazing experience from booking through Sandy's followup.  I had no clue of the many benefits of reflexology and this was my first time and it was so much more than I could imagine.  

Not only was my session relaxing, but when I left, my back pain was completely gone!

I slept better the night of my session than I have in years.  I continue monthly as a self care perk I promised myself.  Thank you Sandy for all you do!

- Jason


Great atmosphere and ambiance for an ultimate relaxing session.  I choose the Integative Reflexology one hour session which included feet, hands and face reflexology.  I thought Reflexology was only foot related.  Boy was I surprised when Sandy ended my session with Face Reflexology!  The stress just melted away.

Not only was  it relaxing, but I felt a sense of balance and at ease.  


I booked the Holistic Facial and Cupping. I was very apprehensive at first, seeing an add on social media.  

I am so glad I booked with Sandy!

So relaxing and rejuvinating.  She indicated most people see a differnece in just one session... well she was right!

My face felt amazing and I could definitely see a difference with puffy eyes, and diminishing lines!  My eyes looked brighter and I just felt so relaxed!

I ended up purchasing the 10 pack at a special price!  Truly a wonderful experience! I recommend over Botox any day!



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